101 THINGS THAT PISS ME OFF! Expletives From Behind Closed Doors


Georgene does it again but this time with a huge dose of Satire & Humor along with a dash of hysterical laughter.  You really need to put your Satire hat on when reading this book.  It is a compilation of those things that piss us off every day but remarkably, Georgene has some profoundly funny, even diabolical solutions.  






 "Listen dude, right now I have your headlights in the trunk of my car, so what the hell is up?  I know you are on your way someplace super-important and that you have a load of firearms that need to get to Kansas on time. But I am on my way someplace too and I don’t need you in my trunk.

 You are 25 times the size of my car and now I can see the color of your contacts in my rear view mirror.  When that happens, I know one thing for sure, you are too damn close!  I also have to get somewhere in a time frame and I don’t want to arrive in a tea cup. 

 If your goal is to scare me into submission, you win. I’m afraid!  I will happily move over, but you are too damned close for me to even do that. 

 This is one time I wish I had some sort of laser beam that would mysteriously appear from inside my trunk and Zap you into a grease spot on the highway."


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