August 25, 2020

Words To Live By

Change Your Life Forever!


Life, It's What Is Going On While You Are Making Plans.

Try living every moment of every day to the fullest. Challenge your fears every day and push them aside, move over them, walk around them, face them head on. You may allow fear to motivate you to greatness, that fear of never trying something, just never allow it to stop you from anything.

Whatever You Can Conceive You Can Achieve

Remember, thoughts are things. Everything in life that surrounds you was once just a thought, but the power and the energy of that single thought created a reality around it. The harnessing of the power of your thoughts for good can change your life.

I stood atop this magnificent wonder in 1999 and asked that the Universe enable me to live in Africa for more than two months a year. In 2002 I moved to Africa, bought a home, met my future husband and now live a charmed life.

It all started with a single thought.

Fear Your Greatest Enemy

Always remember that fear is the great disabler. It prevents you from success and shields you from failure but it's presence in your life will stop you from expanding and experiencing. Don't let fear be the dictator in your life. Step out, go around, over, through the fear and face it. Don't hide from it.

That fear will be passed on to those you love and they will just end up with some variation of your own dark enemies. My fear was fire! I faced it and did the FIRE WALK! Look your fear straight in the eye and defeat it by challenging it. You win!

On Being The Eye Not The Storm

It is now more than ever before that we must be the eye of the Hurricane and not the wind that surrounds it. Stay centered! Don't be a reactor moving to changes that you cannot control. These are turbulent times and we all are being tested daily.

We cannot change those things that are happening around us. But we can change how we handle those things. Meditate daily. Keep yourself in the peace of your own self control and don't be driven by the violent winds that blow over your life daily.

The Keys To A Successful Relationship!

A Successful Relationship Is The Compilation Of Three Places:

A place where you can fully and freely express yourself safely.

A place where you are empowered, enabled, encouraged, and inspired to live life to the fullest; to realize all of your dreams and to reach your highest potential for growth and greatness.

A place of respect, admiration and appreciation...a feel good place.

If you have these amazing elements than you have a fantastic relationship regardless of whether it is a husband, wife, lover, friend or relative.

Alone Time!

You must always have time to nourish your inner being. Spend time alone doing an "autopsy of the soul." Being alone shouldn't be a lonely feeling. Nourish yourself with a good book; a long drive; a cat nap; write down your deepest feelings; keep a daily journal; call a friend. Just be good to yourself everyday in some small way.

Daily Gifts!

Everyday we are blessed with invisible an intangible gifts. We all need to be thankful for those gifts. Give daily thanks for the air that we breathe; the sky that hangs above our heads; the clouds; the rains that fall and feed the plants and flowers; the wind that blows and stirs the seas to great heights; the birds that fly above us; the trees that move gracefully in the wind; the gift of life that we enjoy each and every day. The gift of our family and friends must always be remembered. These are all great things that we sometimes take forgranted. Give the gift of thanks and gratitude.


If you never listen to anything else that comes across your pathway, listen to this. You can do anything that you want in your life. Thoughts are things and everything that you see around you was a thought at one time or another.

You are truly the Master of your own fate and the key to all that you want in your life starts with a simple thought.

Keep negative thoughts out of your life; think positive thoughts instead and focus on what it is that you want in life rather than what you don't have. Don't whine about your misfortunes. Sing the praises of the bountiful, incredible life that you own. You can make it happen. Remember: Anything that you can can achieve. Go for it and get it! Don't let anything or anyone stop you from realizing your goals in life.


Value yourself above all else. It is so important that you understand, accept and appreciate your value. Never give your value up by embracing anyone who uses words that don't support your greatness and exceptional qualities. You deserve only the best and should accept nothing less.


Your life is all about perceptions. Everyday you see different things all around you and those influence everything in your life. Your perceptions change with age, lifestyle, health and the environment that surrounds you. If you change your perception on any issue, it will change your life. Time and the altering of your perception of any situation will heal all pain.


There is nothing wrong with spending time with yourself. Sit under a tree somewhere all alone and just feel the warm wind on your face. There is no need to fill your days and nights with pursuits that only tend to scatter your conscious mind. When you are alone there is time to take stock of your life and make decisions based on sounder judgement.

When you mind is alive with endless chatter there is no space for you to experience the peace required to move in the right direction in all areas of your life. This is why forms of meditation have become popular over the past twenty or thirty years.

This silencing of the mind gives clear and rational thoughts a chance of survival. Solitude is serene in its very definition and doesn't need to mean lonely. If you are happy with yourself, you won't be lonely.

Remember, having someone, anyone is not the same as having that special one!

On Change

If you never remember anything else in your life remember this: You cannot change anyone. Never forget that! No matter what you think or what you have been told by some well meaning friend or relative...Change only occurs when the person requiring the change, desires the change. There are no exceptions.

Letting Go 

Learn how to let go with grace and style. Remember your emotions are at play here once you have become intimate with a partner. You don't need to run over him with the Land Rover to make your point once it is over. You just don't want him in your life any more!

You Deserve The Best!

There is no point in heaving your body into the fires of disappointment or putting yourself through tortures meant only for Gladiators in the Roman Forum. They were used to being knocked to the ground by a jousting stick, eaten by hungry lions or just beheaded when they were no longer required or desired.

You are different! You deserve only the best because you are a unique, quality, beautiful, intelligent woman. You don't deserve the scraps from the table or the crumbs from the kitchen floor. You are a worthwhile and valuable person and should be treated that way by everybody. You above everyone else should not stand for abuse in any form. If you experience then learn to DITCH WITH DIGNITY.   Get rid of anyone whose behavior is questionable and dispense with the drama.


Be clear about what it is you want. Being confused about your true goals does not empower you to realize them. Far too often women plunge headfirst into the dating game with no thought about what they want. In that scenario, they are inclined to accept anything that is breathing rather than to check a pulse first.

Looking back, one might see that even at twenty that could be a disaster. Certainly at forty it is! If you want a prince don't settle for a pauper. Kissing the frog doesn't produce a knight in shining armor even if you kiss it two dozen times!

Giving Thanks!

Every day we should learn something special about life. We are ever changing beings and must offer words of gratitude for those things that we often take for granted.

The air that we breathe; the sun that shines down upon us; the love of family; the joy of friendship; the trees that offer shade; the seas that crash against the rocks; the flowers that brighten our day; the wind against our faces and the rain across our backs. Too often we forget to praise those amazing gifts that show us daily we are indeed alive and living life to the fullest.

Give thanks for these gifts every day in some small way.

Appreciate yourself every day in small ways. If you don't nurture yourself then who will. If you don't love who you are at all times then who will.


Believe that you know everything. The only thing that stands between you and the right and perfect answers to all that you ask yourself daily is quiet.

The mind filters tens of thousands of thoughts each and every day and so the clutter of what you should or shouldn't do or wear or eat or see fills every crevice. Unless you make the room for peace and quiet no clear thoughts can survive this onslaught.

Make time for yourself and sit quietly alone and comfortable. Spend this quiet time in meditation and allow your mind to go completely blank. Only then do you create the space for truth. You can liken this to a jar full of fruits. There is no space to add even one item unless you empty out some of what is already filling the jar to its brim. Same thing holds true for your mind. It is filled to the brim with a lot of superfluous thought some of which is just the chatter that we go through every day.

"What shall I wear tonight." "Where should we go to dinner." "Is there gas in the car." What about the traffic on the motorway" "Did Joe feed the dog" and on and on and on until there is no room for you to make any clear decisions on anything. You have the answers underneath all of that chatter. Clear your mind during peaceful time that you call your own and allow the right and perfect answers to unfold in your presence.


Be true to yourself and to your values. Never compromise the quality of your life or what you want in it by giving in to outside influences. The meaning and actions of a compromise are no different than the meaning and actions of a calamity waiting to happen. Don't settle.








“Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986)

Sit quietly, with your eyes closed and repeat the following meditation aloud. “I am one with God and the Universe, God is all powerful, the spirit of God is within me and the loving light of God surrounds and enfolds me.”

 When you meditate your words should be chosen carefully and should always be said as if the will of the Universe had already been done. Avoid using words like need, or lack, or any words that contain negative connotations. Ask for what you want, not what you don’t have.

Meditations can be for emotional strength, spiritual empowerment or financial abundance. For example you might want to have more financial abundance in your life. A good financial meditation might be: All financial doors are open, all financial channels are free and $5,000,000 flows freely to me. (You may put any figure here, just remember your value and place significant importance on your it. No figure is too high, too much, or denotes a selfish, self-centered behavior.)

 I give thanks that this (amount of money in your checking account or in your wallet) $1,000.00 is but a symbol of the rich and inexhaustible supplies of an abundant Universe. I give thanks that this $1,000.00 is multiplied by 10 or 100 fold (using the ancient 10-times law of financial prosperity) and $100,000.00 returns to me quickly and manifests itself in perfect ways.

The pathway to abundance and infinite financial wealth opens before me and is clear for me to walk upon.

 I am an open vessel ready to receive all of the financial abundance that the Universe has to offer me, this day and every day.

 I am well- respected in my business and personal life and everything that I touch turns to financial abundance.
I have plenty to share and plenty to spare in the area of finances and I lovingly share with all of those who touch my life.
I give thanks that all of my bank accounts overflow with financial abundance. I am Divinely prospered in all that I do.

I deserve only financial wealth and the infinite Universe blesses me each day with all that I deserve and desire.

 (For spiritual wholeness you can replace financial references with: I am a strong, whole and healthy person, abundant and divinely prospered by the infinite Universe.
I am a magnet drawing only spiritually prosperous, successful, powerful people into my business and personal life.)

(After your meditation you will repeat the following)
“All of the energies of the Universe support me. I accept and give thanks for the perfect working of Gods’ Law. I release my words into the Universe for my highest and best good and the highest and best good of all concerned.”

Choose your words carefully. Do not use words that imply need, lack or hope. Propel your words into the Universe with conviction, as if it were already done. Do yourself a great service. Learn to think outside the box, to color outside the lines.
Stop impeding your growth process by saying no to change or not facing challenges head-on. You can be your own worst enemy by not be open to possibilities that exist outside your “normal” pattern of thought. What is normal anyway? Perhaps normalcy is just a perception brought about by generations of “by the book” thinking people who allowed fear to dictate their lives.
Define normal for yourself and don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to change your life entirely by taking risks. It’s your life and yours alone. Live it!

“Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.”
Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

“Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go life is a barren field, frozen with snow.”
Langston Hughes (1902-1967)

Always display an attitude of gratitude in your daily activities. Just remember, you have much to be thankful for in this life. Be grateful for the things we tend to take for granted, those elements of our daily life that we don’t pay special attention to. For example, the air that we breathe; the trees whose shade protects us; the sky which hangs so magnificently above us; the birds that sing and fly; the insects that crawl over the earth; the stately mountains; the green grass; the animals that hunt and are hunted; the rain that falls; the rivers that flow; the oceans that pound the edge of the beach. All of this and more should we be grateful for each day and night of our existence.

Acknowledge your gratitude.

Also be thankful for those elements of life that add in a material and spiritual way each day to your well-being. Those elements that are less subtle. Be grateful for your family; father, mother, sisters, brothers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. For the roof that covers your head; for the car that you drive; the food that you eat; the friends that you enjoy; the love that you feel from people; the clothes that you wear; the furniture that you sit on; the education that you were gifted with; your job; your income; your life. The sound of music, of laughter, of love that surrounds you daily, and that you have become accustomed to.
Acknowledge your gratitude.

Those are some of the elements that make your life special, regardless of how much money or possessions you have acquired. Be grateful for all that you have and all that you are about to have in this unlimited and infinite Universe.

Acknowledge your humbleness before the infinite power of the Universe. Remember when you are meditating, asking the highest power for strength, support or supply always be thankful for what you have; deserving of what you would like and accepting of what the Universe chooses to grant you.

 “God gives nothing to those who keep their arms crossed.”
Bambara proverb

Keep in mind that thoughts are things. Everything that surrounds you was once a thought. Anything that you can conceive, you can achieve. Begin at the beginning. A simple thought can be the catalyst to change. In life, change is everything. Set the process in motion for a new beginning. Stop preventing yourself from movement by shackling yourself to fear. Change your thoughts into reality, without trying to intellectualize every moment.

 “The real malady is fear of life, not death.”
�” Naguib Mahfouz c1911

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