October 05, 2020

    "What are you doing to make your life fulfilling and amazing? Are you filled with fear? Do you let fear stop you from doing the things that would make your life richer?

Time To Stop Delaying & Denying Your Dreams!

Fear of success or Fear of failure. It makes little difference as it paralyzes you and prevents you from moving in any direction but away.

Meet Georgene Summers

The Ultimate Relationship Guru and the Voice of Sanity for men and women who are looking for a healthy, happy love-filled relationship or just to improve their skills in communication or to make their lives richer and happier.

This is your chance to change and take charge and have me as your own Life Change Coach. I can help you get the answers you want. If you want to change your life, be a better communicator, have a healthy, loving and happy relationship with YOU and a partner...welcome home!

I have walked in your shoes and have the tools to fast track you to your very best life!

I have gone on safari since 1996 with only my Masai Guide as company. No matter how many times I say that to someone, man or woman, I get the same response over and over.

"OMG weren't you afraid?" Followed by: "I would never do that." To which I generally reply, "Why not?" Then I pause and wait for the inevitable reply. "I would be too afraid. I mean tourists get eaten every day."

I never stop being amused by that comment as it comes from a lack of knowledge fueled by that overwhelming emotion called FEAR. I am standing in front of an intelligent sensible person who has just told me that I shouldn't live my dreams and that they are failing to live theirs because they could be eaten alive.

Truth is they have a better chance of being hit by lightening or run over by a bus than being eaten by a wild animal in Africa.

At this point I usually counter this comment by saying that the reason tourists get eaten is that they get out of their vehicle and try to interact with said wild animal They think they are at the zoo, which is true.

I have been on 7 or 8 safaris alone in the bush in four countries in Africa and still have all of my body parts. I am grateful for that.
Getting back to Fear, which is the great disabler in your life, don't you think that it's time to put Fear on the back burner and move ahead before it's too late

Ask yourself this: Is fear stopping you from doing the things that would make your life richer? If your answer is yes than it's high time to change the direction you are heading in. It's time to say so long to fear and hello to your life and to meet challenges head on and with determination.

Not everything is going to be a bed of roses for you.
I don't advocate forgetting to be mindful about your surroundings or neglecting your innate intelligence when trying new things.

For example I wouldn't try to cross a Freeway or go out in a township in Africa in the dark. I wouldn't take risks that I deem frivolous either but that doesn't translate to not ever risking or taking a chance.

It hasn't stopped me from ziplining from a 1000' platform over the jungle in the Eastern Cape or walking 150' from two male lions or from following a bull elephant through the bush.

There is a difference between intelligent risk and stupidity. I don't do stupid. So stop limiting your life's adventures and start living them. Do it now before it's too late 

How To Live Your Dreams!

The first step in this transition is to figure out what those dreams are. Nothing, NO THING is too out of reach for you. You just need to make the first determination and that is what the hell are your dreams.

Most people have no idea what they are or they are too fearful and worried that their dreams are too far fetched to ever become reality. Both notions are incorrect.

You are the Master of your own fate and you make yourself right or wrong with each decision and each thought that you manifest.

Life is all about overcoming challenges and making changes. You can do anything that you want to do in this life...you just have to know what that is.

The first step is to look deeply into your heart and decide what you want from your life. This is easier than you might think. It will take a commitment and some quiet time to devote to thinking what will make you fulfilled, happy, grateful?

I recommend that you take some quiet time and just think about those things that gratify you. Dig deeply as the very first thought may be money. But money is only a means to an end and not the end

Those folks who think money is the "end" spend most of their life and a great deal of money buying things to fill the emptiness in their souls. So dig deeper than money and determine what that money will really bring into your life.

For example: Money can bring Freedom, with a capital F. For me that was my dream. FREEDOM. Once you have determined what it is that motivates you, fulfills you, is your dream, commit it to paper.

Writing things down gives it a reality that you want and need. Life is about change. So now you may have to make some

Acknowledge that a change is required and make a commitment to make that change.

Take action. Be bold, be courageous, be yourself and step off that cliff and reach for the sky.

Stay focused on that action and your commitment.


   Raw & Uncensored

Does she ever stop? The Guru of making your dreams come true is none other than California born Georgene Summers who is one amazing woman with a background overflowing with incredible life experiences Risk taker, Entrepreneur, Nightclub Builder, Owner and Queen of the Night, Adventurer, Author, Wildlife Photographer, Inventor, Fashionista, Strategic Change Coach, Marriage & Relationship Coach and sometimes whirling dervish the wildly animated Summers seems to have done it all.

“I never gave any thought to being an entrepreneur…” 

To get results you need to trust that I can help you get them so a little background on me might be welcomed. I had successful Fashion Accessories business in Los Angeles and New York City. After two decades as a Fashionista, I moved to New York City and started working on Wall Street.

Then during the final days of Studio 54 I left Wall Street to build a nightclub. The Club, Bolero, was a 15,000 square foot slice of magic became the “home away from home” for hot models, the Euro chic and celebrities galore. Bolero prided itself on privacy and chic decadence hosting many parties for Mary Wilson of the Supremes, the wild and wonderful Grace Jones, Randy Jones of the original Village People, the late Andy Warhol and Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous Guru Robin Leach.

“Always maintain an attitude that says never let fear stand in the way of anything…just do it. If you can't then you must!”

Since 1996 I have been traveling to Africa and going on Safari alone with only my Masai guide Hagai as company. In May 2007 I completed a fifth safari in the bush. Passion aside I love able to help others.

“Me and my relationships hit a big rock…”

I am dedicated to getting you the results that you want quickly and to providing you with the tools you need to continue on a pathway of health and happiness.

Married and divorced three times, my books echo the personal experiences of friends throughout the world.



A Life Changing Decision Took me to Africa... and my Soulmate

In 2002 I made a decision that would change my life. I decided to move to Africa for a year or two. I began training Xhosa women in the townships (squatter camps) to make commercially viable cell phone bags using available skills and materials. My self-funded project took all my time and my bush travels were limited.

Then in 2004 I met my soul-mate in Africa.

I am living proof that no matter what age or where you are in your life, there is always hope.

Transformation for Others, Testimonial

"Wow!! What an incredible coach and person you are! You were right on target with me...you helped me
get to the place I couldn't reach when I first spoke to you. You guided me....and pushed me to achieve my goal. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Wisdom, Guidance, and Dedication."
Arlene Drake, Ph.D Los Angeles

Georgene is Certified as a Strategic Intervention Change Coach and Results Oriented Marriage & Relationship Coach by the World Renowned Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes.

We All Want To Be Loved But Sometimes We Settle!

Ask Yourself: Are you completely happy with yourself and where you are at? Are you in a relationship that is loving, happy & healthy? Or are you in and out of relationships that never seem to work? Do you feel disconnected and unable to communicate what you really feel? Do you spend time in a state of sadness or depression? Would you like to have the tools that would help you be happier with yourself and a partner? Would you like to have access to the latest articles, trends, tools, classes, programs, experts all designed to make your life richer and happier?







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