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You can turn the clock back by going under the knife or trying some of these easy ways to look younger. Try them out and let me know what works for you.

You can erase years just by making love. Imagine that! Couples that have sex three times a week look younger than those who don't. Making love releases endorphins and oxytocin which boost your mood, get rid of stress and improve your sleep. These boosts help to slow the aging process.

Training several times a week with weights can blast away body fat. Yoga for 30 minutes once a week helps fight fat and also keeps the endorphins flowing.

Using make up helps your features stand out and gives the perception of youth. A red lipstick and some eyebrow pencil can cause others to perceive you as a decade younger. Makeup can make you appear friendlier even more competent.

Do you know that wearing rings can actually make your hands look younger. Why is that? The rings and nail polish become distractions from the usual aging hand giveaways. Keep your hands well moisturized too



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