THE DATING DANCE: Confessions of the Spider & the Fly

Up to date and on the money, Georgene Summers kills it about Dating Do's & Don'ts!  Stop worrying whether that "special guy" you met at the party the other night is going to call you or not and start looking at how you present yourself at these events.  The Dating Dance gives you tools to work with that really make sense.


"Fear is the great disabler, There is nothing that contributes to failure more than the emotion of fear.  It can paralyze a normally healthy person and prevent them from any type of movement.  But no failure could be more intense than the failure to take action.  The failure to recognize your own potential and to just allow yourself to fail without trying.  You have inadvertently chosen one of your fears, failure, for you have doomed yourself to fail by not risking.  Why would you not take risks?  With risk comes reward.  Without risk, you just continue along the pathway to nowhere; living a life that you may someday regret. Don't be reluctant to take risks; to throw your hat into the ring.  Life is an exciting adventure and each day should be a catalyst for women everywhere to expand to their fullest potential and make a difference."


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