September 29, 2020

Brand New, Satirical, Humorous Book   

"101 Things That Piss Me Off...Expletives From Behind Closed Doors!"  

Sure the very same things that Piss me off, Piss you off.  So WHAT?  That is the point everyone  What would it mean if the I was the ONLY ONE pissed off by something?  Not a hell of a lot frankly.  So it pisses me off to see a turkey sitting by the side of the road...SO WHAT?  Get a Life you'd say!  

Yes these are 101 Things That are going to PISS YOU OFF TOO! It's all about that folks...but here's the difference.  I have solutions for all of them.  Some of them funny, some sarcastic and witty, some downright diabolical.  You will revel at how I deal with some of the annoying people that inhabit our planet.  Here is just one sample:




 I have just purchased a package of self-adhesive labels and I want to remove them from the molded plastic container.  I look for a tab or an arrow and there is nothing.  I grab the scissors, but the plastic is too hard.  I break a nail.

 Now, I’m pissed off! I grab a hammer, a knife and the scissors to try and accomplish a feat that a 5 year old should be able to handle.  That fails to work and threatens to ruin the scissors.  I bang my finger with the hammer and cut my hand with the knife. 

I call my husband and ask him to bring the heavy machinery.  He gets the guillotine!  I have nearly destroyed the item and my hand with my futile attempts to get it open.   What’s the deal here?  These are paper labels or maybe they are the label maker. 

 There is nothing dangerous in here, yet you package this item as if it were solid gold.  I get protection, but not from the customer.  I get stopping theft, but I bought this and I would like to remove it, in one piece.  Yes, I get childproof, but you have gone too far and made this adult proof.

 Someone, please tell me why the hell you have to make packaging impervious to those who buy it and would like use the product inside and not just sit and stare at it?


Get ready for a laugh a minute as you read my newest book, "101Things That Piss Me Off, Expletives From Behind Closed Doors!

Sure you are pissed off as well at that thoughtless broad with a shopping cart filled with groceries, who is standing mindlessly in the 12 items or less line, sign flashing, but what do you do about it?

Not a Damned Thing That's What.1=

Well I turned the tables and I have solutions for the lame and brain challenged who piss us off. So Fasten your Seat Belts and get read to have the time of your life!

 So pick up a copy of my fun-filled Satire and just know that I know that you are PISSED off about these things too...but I wrote about them and found solutions that will rile you up and make you laugh so enjoy.  Available on in Paperback or Kindle.  Or head over to the Success Store and pick one up right here right now!   On SALE!


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