October 14, 2020


It's raining men! Oh no...Best Beware of falling men! Better yet, beware of women who fall too quickly. Don't let your desire to have a relationship make you fall for the first guy who uses the terms "we" and "us" too quickly. This is a potential trap and could mean you are in for a ride on the terror train to nowhere.

Plain and simple...Men will say and do anything to get laid. That means they will even morph into a gay man if it makes you feel more comfortable and off guard so that they can get you into bed.

What you do with your life and your relationships is up to you bright and beautiful woman that you are...but, make sure that you are asking for what you what and not accepting what you don't want. If what you want is a relationship that has some hope of permanence than you don't want some guy who is in the mood to get laid and will tell you what you want to hear to get there. The movie Magnolia with Tom Cruise was based on a true story about such a guy. His life's work was getting women into bed by saying anything and being anyone.

If Broken Hearted Melody is your theme song and you get some sort of special thrill from having pains in your stomach that scream "what did I do," then by all means listen to the cache of stories that this new man is plying you with and jump into bed on the sound of the first "we." But if you are tired of those times and want to have a chance at finding the right and perfect man then use the LALA approach. That means Look, Ask, Listen, Ask. Stop hearing what you want to hear and listen to what the person is really saying to you. If you do that it will be easy to eliminate Mr. Wrong from Mr. Right.

Most women judge the book by its cover. He looks like a Prince, talks like a Prince, so he must be a Prince. But perhaps he is merely a toad in Princely trappings. A one stop rent-a-life guy who goes back to a wife and kids or to his rented apartment on the other side of the tracks. In today's world anyone can make themselves into someone else.

Keep in mind you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a Prince, but if you keep thinking the frog is a Prince underneath that slimy green exterior, you may never find Mr. Right. Stop the kissing and start the listening...it will be much more revealing.

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