October 14, 2020

As much as I attempt to put age behind me I find it necessary to continue to harp on the fact that I was 60 years old when took this trip to South Africa alone...rather moved there. Even more daunting!

I want to enunciate that fact just as a way of indicating that it is NEVER too late to find that perfect person your soulmate. After all I had been divorced for the third time for 20 years and was in the minds of many long past my sell by date.
But with my attitude and the mental state of a 30 year old I met and married a fabulous man 10 years younger and gorgeous.

To begin with you must have a real life not one that you parade around for others to see but real interests that perhaps even consume you at times but certainly keep you occupied.

You need to have a passion for life and exhibit that passion which is all part of you having things that interest you and in turn make you an interesting person to others. You cannot just focus on being in a relationship or having a man to round you out. It won't work!

You are perfectly fine exactly the way you are and need nothing to make your life fuller, richer or more complete. The idea that you might like to have someone in your life is totally different then feeling that you must have someone in your life or you are not complete. You are already complete just exactly the way you are and don't forget it.

You really need to be proactive in your search. If a person finds you attractive that doesn't mean that will be mutual. Go onto your chosen website and search for those men who you find attractive and then be clever and witty and creative in your subject line. Just remember that any really interesting guy is going to be getting an onslaught of emails and replies so make yours unique.
I used lines like Calling All Princes...Princess in waiting...Out of the box adventurer seeks equal. I was simply seeking a friendship but of course I wanted the person on the other end to be someone I found attractive. I didn't want some Raptor answering my ad.

I started out by saying that I had moved alone to Africa which was a real conversation piece and opened the door very wide for commentary. He thought I was very brave...something that I never thought of before he mentioned the fact. I suppose it was a very courageous thing to move half way around the world to absolutely nothing. 

Just remember, you too can be courageous.  What do you have to lose versus what do you have to gain?  Far too many people stay put and don't risk and their lives end up without growth.  With risk, there can be great rewards. 

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