October 13, 2020

"My mission is to take you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest period of time. If you are stuck, I help you find out why and give you the tools to lift yourself up. I reach out and give you my hand and my strength, if and when you need it."

"Wow!! What an incredible coach and person you are! You were right on target with me...you helped me
get to the place I couldn't reach when I first spoke to you. You guided me....and pushed me to achieve my goal. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Wisdom, Guidance, and Dedication."

Arlene Drake, Ph.D (Los Angeles)

"I owe Georgene a multitude of thanks for her spot on approach and knowledge."
I.S. (Los Angeles, CA)

"Seven weeks ago I started to work with Georgene Summers on getting my life back on track. At that time I was scattered, didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and made no sense at all on the phone to my friends. I was garbled and unclear in thinking and speaking. After going through stage by stage working with Georgene I can certainly see the difference in everything I do. After only 7 weeks I am confident, clear, focused and not a yes person anymore who allows people to walk all over me. The shackles are off and I absolutely love what I have become! Georgene is amazing with her insight and knowledge of people and she can see the pain in ones life, knows how to go after it and make it go away."
J.K. (New York)

"All of the wasted money for years of psychotherapy did nothing compared to the results I have just experienced with Georgene Summers who is the Ultimate Life Coach."
E.C. (Los Angeles, CA)

"It wasn't easy for me, you have to work hard at improving yourself and it was very hard indeed. But it paid off! Georgene has the gift of insight and proven steps to take you where you need to be and an uncanny ability to change peoples' lives. Georgene changed my life."
K.(New York)
"Georgenes sweet demeanor and beautiful and bright personality is one in a million. I cant say enough good things about this woman. Georgene is a true cheerleader and only wants the best for whomever she comes in contact with. Patience and kindness emanates from this woman who is a true leader in all the things she does. Professionalism at its best. High energy and her sense of humor is what drew me to her and keeps me coming back and somehow I cant get enough!!' 
S. Cosgrove

"Working with Georgene was one of the most amazing, eye-opening experiences of my life. I will be forever grateful."
L.V. (Washington, DC)

"....Speaking my truth with you yesterday will have life changing consequences for me, I'm 100% sure of it. You are truly a visionary and a dear, kind, wise, amazing soul. How incredibly blessed am I to have you in my life. What an amazing gift you are to this planet....."
NP (Fairfield County, Ct.)

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